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7 Luxury Smart Home Ideas You Should Use for Your Next Outdoor Remodel!

by Ann Ferguson

Are you thinking of redoing your backyard patio space? You already have several percolating ideas, but did you know you can upgrade your outdoor space to luxury status with smart technology? We're talking hidden audio, outdoor video screens, smart lighting, water features, and more!

We'll review what these luxury ideas look like, so you can turn your home into the ultimate STAYCATION!

1. Outdoor Video Ideas

Couple toasting to each other as they watch something on backyard projector

Having a TV or projector in your outdoor space is already luxurious, but what if you could expand on it? For instance, you could:

  • Install a power lift TV by the pool so it's hidden underneath the floor when not in use.
  • Have a retractable projector screen by a hedge wall or near the pool (watch your favorites while floating in the pool with a drink!).
  • Hide your projector underneath your patio awning or pergola.
  • Add LED lights behind your projector screen to match your other strip and string lights!

Any of these ideas are possible during your next outdoor remodel — you just have to contact our team first! We'll review your space, see what's possible, and procure the best tech to fit your ideas!

2. Landscape Audio

No outdoor space is complete without a powerful outdoor audio system, and with landscape audio, everything is hidden among your garden treatments, fire pits, landscape lights, rocks, and more. The buried subwoofer and "planted" satellite speakers keep the sound low and local, so you have the best audio even if you're surrounded by water or close-by neighbors.

But with automation and control, you can create independent audio zones, which lets you control the volume and source for each zone. For example, you can have speakers by your outdoor kitchen, next to the pool, or hidden in the tennis court, and have them all play the same thing at once, localize just one, or play different playlists in each zone.

Pro Tip: Talk to our team about your audio needs, and we'll develop the best audio system!

3. Smart Outdoor Lighting

Luxurious back patio space with lots of landscape lighting, automated

Creating a cozy outdoor space also includes mood lighting, so why not make it extra luxurious? You could have:

  • RGB landscape lighting that changes colors for each party, holiday, or in tandem with the music.
  • Install wall washes to highlight outdoor features like water treatments, architectural design, or your back door.
  • Have strip lighting with colors you can automate built around or inside the pool (or other water treatments). You can also add strip lighting to light up steps and bridges for safety!
  • Put downlights around pathways, stairs, bridges, fire pits, ponds, dining areas, etc., for a soft, cozy glow.
  • Use zone-dim-color to program different zones in your backyard and customize the brightness and color levels to create different moods for different spaces!
  • Automate string lights and low-volt plant lights to come on a schedule or when the sun goes down!

Of course, with these lighting ideas, you can always set schedules, dim or brighten as needed, and control with voice commands!

4. Motorized Bug Shades and Screen

Even the best parties can't always keep the bugs away unless you have motorized bug shades! You can integrate these shades into a pergola, so your dining or seating area is always protected against unwanted insects.

You can also have automated sun shades to limit the amount of sunlight without blocking out the sunny day completely. But you're not limited to areas with an awning or pergola; you can also get solar parasols you can automate to open at the sunniest parts of the day!

5. Fire Pits

Back patio with multiple fire pits lit at the same time

Any fire pit can enhance your outdoor space, but you can do more with automation! This means automating it so that each fire pit comes on at the same time of day, flawlessly — no more struggling to light each pit! You can also specify the heat level, turn it on or off remotely, and sync multiple pits (yup, multiple satellite fire pits!).

And if you want to include a landscape fire strip next to the pool plus a see-through gas fireplace in a covered cabana, patio space, or outdoor bar, you got it!

6. Water Treatments

Grid of different pool ideas

Lounging by your own pool during those hot summer days is the life, but you don't have to be restricted to just one regular in-ground pool — you can do more! You could have:

  • A pool bar with automated fountains.
  • A spa spilling over into the pool.
  • A pool with elegant fountains to highlight your design taste.
  • A shallow water-covered walkway with several fountain spouts (great for kiddos to play in!)
  • A pool with automated spa jets.
  • A pool with a built-in waterfall over rock features.

With any of these water treatments, you can control the water temperature, jet strength, bubble production, and pump control. And you can also add built-in LED lights you can automate for extra oomph!

Pro Tip: You can also include hot tubs, koi ponds, separate fountains, and rain showers in the mix!

7. Other Automation Ideas

The best thing about all these ideas is the endless room for automation; whatever you want to happen happens effortlessly! You can set up actions for different times of day, specific triggers for certain parties ad get-togethers, and more!

  • You could make it so that when the sun goes down, the lighting turns on to a specific color, the outdoor heater turns on, the pool temperature gets warmer, and the bug screens lower!
  • You could trigger your system so the pool video lifts and sets to a specific channel at noon, have the sun shades come up, and automate the audio to your favorite playlist in just the pool zone!
  • You could automate the roof of your motorized louvered pergola to let in more light or close when needed (excellent for outdoor dining spaces!).
  • You could install a retractable awning to control the amount of sunlight in your eating or lounging space.
  • You have a smart gazebo with sensors to detect someone's presence and adjust the lighting and temperature around the space!

Party Mode: On!

Group of friends hanging out by the pool at a nice house

There you have it — luxury smart home ideas perfect for your next outdoor remodel! Why have an ordinary backyard when you can have an at-home resort all to yourself? Exactly! So, don't wait to get started; the sooner you contact us at Strategic Home Media, the more options we can give you!